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High Security Systems

KABA experT key systems

Armidale Locksmiths Jaycar supply the high security KABA experT key systems. With 269,684,519,731,200 key differs available the system was designed with the needs of high security customers in mind; it provides the required security and ease of use for many applications. Kaba experT cylinders are available for most lock applications including lockers and filing cabinets. Kaba cylinders are also upgradable to the Kaba Elolegic electronic systems. Kaba security control system is designed to suit all types of security situations be it domestic, commercial or institutional security requirements.

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Lockwood MT5 key systems

Armidale Locksmiths Jaycar supply and install The MT5 Technology, the very latest used in Lockwood key systems. This high security system features the alpha spring, telescopic pins and locking bar. This MT5 Technology offers the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication. Lockwood MT5 key systems work by providing 3 levels of security, the first comes level via the MT5 cylinder which has been designed to use a telescopic pin, the alpha spring provides the second level by ensuring restricted security. The third level of security is offered through a locking bar for optimum security and high level master keying capabilities.

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SALTO electronic locking systems

We also supply the SALTO fully programmable electronic door locks requiring no wiring. SALTO lock escutcheons can be programmed to automatically unlock and lock at set times during the day and night. Cards can be programmed to work on specific days, during specific hours and can be deleted immediately should they be lost. A fully programmable electronic locking system that holds an audit trails of transactions.

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